Who Do I Make Music For?

A trend went about on twitter recently which had a lot of musicians asking the question, “Who do I make music for?”

I thought it was a very smart question. So, I decided to do some research of my own.

Thanks to my friends and listeners who took out the time to respond to my endless questions via calls, texts, Social Media and even Surveys, I have come to find out exactly the kind of people I make music for.

The Coconut People.

They are naturalists, in tune with the earth and the universe. They love meditation, yoga and are probably vegetarians.

Put them at the beach in the evening, feet in the sand, bonfire raging while the sun sets as a gentle breeze caresses their skin and they are in their element.

They wouldn’t chase you away if you offered them some herb.

In that blissful moment, they are free, their minds are clear and they can truly be one with nature.

If this sounds like you, then congratulations, you’re a Coconut Person. Welcome to the Tribe! 🙂

In these busy times we don’t get to enjoy these precious moments. That’s where my special blend of Herbal Music comes in pretty handy!

It is 100% Organic Herbal Music guaranteed to ease your mind, heal your heart and soothe your soul.

So, next time you want to relax from a stressful day, just find a quiet place, get comfy, and free your mind.

Plug in my music and let it transport you to that moment where once again, you can be one with the universe.

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