Dwin’s Heavy Heart

It’s 2009 in a secondary shool in the backwoods of Epe, Lagos, there were two friends who loved music. Who spent prep writing songs and free time performing for imaginary crowds.

That was Dwin and I. Even though he was a year behind me in school and it was an unwritten rule that you should “raise shoulders” for any junior, music helped bring us closer. As music always does.

This friendship lasted many years and luckily we both went to Covenant University as well.

I was already actively doing music at the time and Dwin was what you’d call a nerd. But he still had love for music and it was my goal to make sure he recorded an actual music project because I strongly believed that songwriting and musicianship were of epic proportions.

The years went by and Dwin hadn’t made any music even though I made it a point to ‘tension’ him every time I released, produced or got featured on a new song.

But that didn’t faze him, because had his priorities in order, finish his first degree as his parents had instructed, then he can do his music.

That’s not to say my priorities were not in order. They were. Just not in the same order as my parents would have liked.

So, you would understand when I say it came as a surprise when in 2013 Dwin came to my room one morning and said he was writing a song he wanted to feature me on. Wawu.

I was so delighted that I made sure to have the song produced by two of the best producers in school at the time, IBK Owo and Nonso Amadi. This is what became the first version of The Lonely.

The Lonely (ft. 3rty) — Dwin, The Stoic

Now that he had gotten his little taste of music and dare I say, rebellion, Dwin hunkered down to finish school.

Flash forward to 2016, he finally bagged his first degree and was serving his nation with the NYSC scheme. He called me up saying he had written a song and had it produced by Dyksen, a talented keyboardist and music producer.

It fell to me to help him find a studio to record so I happily took him to Kenny Blaq’s music studio where I was recording my Magic EP at the time. My friend and producer, Shabba and I recorded and mixed what was to become his 2nd release ever, Stay The Night.

It took Dwin another year before he hit me up saying he was ready to record another song, Ghost. He had been making some stuff on Garage Band and he wanted me to help him make it into a finished record. Gladly, I accepted the idea and went to work. Shortly thereafter, he told me he wanted to make a project and my heart soared with happiness. Finally, I had gotten my wish.

Ghost Cover Art By Bidemitata

So, we got to work. Planning, selecting songs and artists to feature. It was a herculean task for Dwin because he was working a day job at the time and only had time on the weekends, but I did my best to make sure it was as smooth as possible.

We had difficulties, definitely. But we were able to over come and I learnt the hard way that executive producing a project is not as easy as I thought. But the lessons we learned will stay with us forever.

Last Sunday, we held the listening for Heavy Heart and it was a glorious success. It was such a heart warming feeling to watch people appreciate the work we had put so much work into and to hear the reviews!

That day Fiyin (the love of Dwin’s life) told me Of Us one of the tracks off the project always made her cry and he had to beg her not to shed tears at his listening. I might be weird but that moment made me inordinately proud.

Today, Dwin finally releases Heavy Heart and it is so wonderful that it’s going out into the world and we get to share this moment with people who truly appreciate the art.

To my friend Dwin, thank you for letting me work on this project with you and I hope your heart is not so heavy anymore.

It gives me utmost pleasure to present to you, Dwin’s Heavy Heart.