Bottoms Up

I lean my head against the wall,

The green of the grass covered by fall,

I would give anything to get to the other side,

But I am not tall,

I hear her voice calling to me,

Singing… Softly… Whisperingly…

Her father rushes to the window searching,

But he doesn’t see me,

He thinks I will jump over,

As any man would for his lover,

I am not as brave or strong as any man,

So I will go under,

I dig a tunnel very deep ,

Dirt hill at the mouth very steep,

It‘s like the wall has no bottom,

But at digging I would keep,

As long as the road to church,

As lost lovers yearn to touch,

Is how deep my feelings are for you,

And my hole is as much,

One day I’ll find the bottom,

And I will flip like a button,

And start to dig my way back up,

And into your bosom,

But I have a nagging fear,

One my heart cannot bear,

That I get old, digging back up a hole,

Die and get buried there.